Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yes it's been 5 months more or less since the last blog post I made. The trip to Sagada, Banaue was okay and I passed my design 4 class. But now, I'm currently struggling to pass my design 5 class. I've sacrificed time, effort and health in this class, and I still don't know if I'm gonna pass or not. The sad part is that after all this hard work, I might have Carpals Tunnel Syndrome. It's a wrist injury obtained from stress using a mouse or keyboard. Right now I'm risking my right hand to pass a single architecture major class. I hope all this sacrifice will be worth it.

As for my Magic: The Gathering life. In our school there are still only a handful of decks that can beat my Blue-Black Faeries. Kudos to those decks and players that do so. As for, my other two tribal decks (Kihtkin and Rogues) they pull up their own weight and have their own share of victories. My current project is a Blue-Black Ninja deck for my friend, Johann. Currently still sorting out the cards but it's all good. I'll be trying to create a deck for the Mirrodin Besieged block, hope all goes well if ever.

I;m currently struggling to finish my design for friday so this'll be a temporary entry. Yes, I've been both lazy and busy to do my blogs.

'Till the next entry.

This is Ronn signing off..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I haven't blogged for such a looooong time. My last blog entry was June 15, 2010, almost a year ago. I'll be going on an out of town trip for the weekend waaaay up North of Luzon. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog about something decent by then.

'Till the next entry.

This is Aaron signing off.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God loves me..'cause..

Hello World!

Yeah, been awhile since my last blog 'cause I've been trying to find something nice to write about. Guess what, I got it this afternoon.

Design 1 class was a bore as usual, so after the long lecture we got to drawing and the usual chit-chat. Then suddenly my friend blurted out, "Hey guess what, I found out God loves me over the weekend!". You don't usually hear this kind of story everyday, a person found out God loves him or her, so we thought this story would be great. His tale went like this:

"My stomach was churning the whole way and I was like 'Oh~ shiiiit~, come on please let us have a stop over'. I was holding my stomach not trying to look like i was having a tummy ache. Emil and the other fed me hell lots like bread, bread with cheese, donuts and before that we had hotdogs...I only had water so I doubt that made my stomach hurt..I was like 'Please God let us have a stop over!'. My stomach was already making weird sounds, and I felt it was about to come out. Just as it was about to the bus slowed down, and we actually got to a bus stop. Which I didn't expect..."

Well rest of the story goes on and he got to poop properly and had a great trip over the weekend. After the side comments, laughter and sarcastic comments I was reminded. Reminded that God doesn't have to make miracles for us to show that He loves us. He already does, everyday, God shows His love for us in the littlest things. Sometimes so little and simple we overlook them.

So God thank you for the classmate who lets me borrow his/her pencil in class, thank you for not letting me trip when I walk, thank you for keeping me safe as I cross the road, thank you for the toothbrush I put on my toothpaste.

Think about it... my friend found God's love through a toilet dilemma..what about you?

This is Ronn signin' in on a weeknight..

over and out (-O_o-)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Beginning and New End

Hello World,

It's been approximately its been 6 months or more since I last wrote. I haven't been able to get any good topics out of my brain, I hope to soon enough.

So far life is great. My mother recently had a successful heart operation last march(thank you God!), one of her heart valves had to be replaced 'cause it was collapsing. My dad kept his cool all through out this ordeal, sure he got annoying and irritable once in awhile but it was understandable. I think in my end I handled it well, studies weren't affected much. They leave for Brunei early June. My sister is great, though I still have difficulties being patient with her (I think it's due to the age gap). I feel like I'm a horrible brother.

Speaking of studies grades are doing fine, except that one of my tests went horribly wrong I failed big time. Half the term is done, so it's assholes & elbows for the other half. Scale models are due soon, so I gotta work on those too.

My MTG career is now sort of no more, I still play casually but the tournaments are on hold for now. I wanna concentrate on school and save up.

Guess that's it for now. Will try to write something more sensible asap.

Well, this is knight-shift over and out..

PS - will now be signing in on weekends..again

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow! What a day! I haven't had a decent amount of sleep for 24 hours! So far I'm good, I'm starting to feel the fatigue a little but hey I got the reports done!

I single-handedly created and passed a computerized report for my Theory of Architecture 1 this morning. I had some help from one of my groupmate and little or too late help from the others. I haven't slept a wink since 10pm last night. I barely got any shut eyes on the bus on the way to school. The girl I sat with kept moving around. Once I got to school I just added the papers of my groupmates to the Appendix part of the report. While waiting for the professor I started on the Building Technologies report on Chromium and Copper. Halted presentation making since classes began. 1030am I continued the report making, one of my groupmates for that class gave me his data in his USB so had time to synthesize it into the report. Then rested awhile and did other school works. By 12noon the rest of my groupmates handed in their USB drive to me and I was able to make the presentation in time. Presentation was moved to Wednesday, I could breathe a litle now.

Two more tasks to go, Visuals and Plumbing Design which are due Wednesday and tomorrow repectively. So I think I won't be sleeping well for the next 24 hours. Back to work now. I guess the only things I'm looking foraward to for the eman time is Thusrday and the Pauper Magic tomorrow.

Signin' out

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's been a normal, non-scary Halloween. It's November 2, I'll be going back to school tomorrow. It's been a satisfying 3-day holidays are almost done. The other people of the house will be back later this afternoon. As good as it may sound, I'm a little bit sad. I don't know why I have this feeling, it's just there.

(sigh) In 28 days, I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary in this archipelago. A lot has happened since I left that island. I lost and gained many things. I escaped the island without having a going-away-party, which I didn't mind. That same year I left I got into a technological institute and started to aim for an engineering degree. Which I eventually quit and took up architecture instead. Living away from my parents I thought I was free, and that the people here understood me more. At first I didn't really miss them at all. But as time passed, I eventually felt a longing for them. I got closer to them even though we were oceans apart, especially my father.

The next year I lost my girlfriend who is also a very,very close friend. I never did tell her why I let her go. Up until now, I haven't forgiven myself for hurting her, and from hurting my mom. I hid the relationship from my own mother, I lied to her. I have never forgotten that day I made my mom cry because of my selfishness. I hated myself for doing that. After the break-up, things got a little out of hand in the island. My mom got depressed by the incident, and I still blame myself for that. I was one selfish b******* back then, and I hated that part of me. Up until now, I still live with the guilt of the many sins of my past. I can never forgive myself for hurting my mother, and I don't think I ever can.

Last May, I went back to the island, I was happy to be back. I kept a low profile as much as possible. Seeing only people that really mattered a lot to me, my second parents, close friends, and the bishop. I helped mom around the house, played with my sister after her school. I ate a lot, I missed my mom's home cooked meals. In short bye-bye fit and sleek body. Went out to lunches with second parents. In truth, there was an acquaintance I really wanted to see, but hid from. I hid because, I didn't know how to react or what to say when I see that person. But I was set-up and saw her. We talked a lot, sort of a catching up. It was great, just talking as if we were so close before (which we weren't by the way). For the first time in my life, I felt really sad as I left for the island 3 weeks later. As my dad drove me to the airport, I cried as I told them all the things that were going through my mind. My mom cried as well, my dad did his best to keep his composure, and my sister was clueless to why I was crying. It was so hard to leave them this time. I wanted to stay for good, but couldn't, I had to finish school at the archipelago.

I miss that little-boring-island.I miss home.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Stormy Halloween

Well Typhoon Storm Santi, aka 'Ramil' is here in Philippines is thankfully passing through swiftly. Still hoping that the intesity of the storm won't be bad for those ihn the storm's path. This morning here in Las PiƱas Ramil passed by with only strong winds and light rainshowers. We had electricty cut off from 3am up 'till 10am. But all's well.

Tomorrow's Halloween aka All Souls Day. During November 1st it is part of the Filipino culture to pay respects to their dead by visiting their graves. But sadly, people these days bring playing cards, booze, sound systems, etc. into the cemeteries and entertain themsleves after paying respects. It's truly sad that the younger generation see this behaviour and would probably do the same when they grow up. We must remember that we are paying respects to our dead kin, we are to pray for their souls while lighting candles for them, not using their nitsos as card tables. Why are we to drink in front of their graves?! People drink to be merry or to drown their problems or sadness in them. Are we being merry for the death of a loved one? Are we trying to drown our sorrow of losign the ones we love, when what we're supposed to be doing is remebering all the memories they gave us be it good or bad. Those blasted sound sytems! Please do tell me what's the use of playing music on this halow day!?!?!

Please let us all rember the treu purpose of Halloween in our culture. that is to pay respects to our beloved dead. For we want to be respected and rembered as well once we depart this world. Let us not forget our prayers and candles.

This is Ronn signing off